Commercial Energy Assessment Software

For commercial properties


Industry standard software for commercial energy audits.

All aspects of commercial properties are measured and input into the software, which calculates the energy efficency of the building.

Energy efficient measure can then be added to model the efficency savings they would produce.

Once completed, you can easily produce a customised reports for the building adding your own recommendations.


Web Based - access anywhere
Track your past and present audits
Building settings


Keeping track of all past and ongoing audits. Each of them can be looked at individually.

To start another audit, just fire up another Case, which you can give a unique name and set up some parameters for this Case, such as setting all the types of fuel used by the building.

Set the building size, number of floors etc. and then add the fuel bills for the last 13 months. Here you can also add the pipe lagging, boiler information and lighting types.

Now look at the difference in using different lighting or boiler to see how the savings can mount up year on year. Estimate the Capital Cost for implementing those changes and the software will show you how long before the return on investment will repay those costs and start making real savings.

The software will then help Energy Audit professionals produce in depth professional reports for their clients.